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Sakura shiatsu treatments are complementary treatments and are not intended as substitutes for regular health care. Please consult your doctor or medical specialist before you make an appointment for treatment of a specific medical problem.

Please use WhatsApp or e-mail to make an appointment. During the first session we will complete a form with your personal data and relevent medical history and use of medication. Then we will make a plan for treatment of your medical problem. Have a look at our Privacy Policy to find out more about how Sakura shiatsu is handling your personal data.

Please note that appointments cancelled without giving at least 24 hours notice may be charged for.

At Sakura shiatsu you can pay directlyy with your bank card. Afterwards you will receive an invoice. You can send this invoice to your health insurance company, that is: if your health insurance company is covering this kind of treatment. Please have a look at prices for more information.

Sakura shiatsu is located in a blue zone parking area. This means you can park there for a maximum of 2 hours with the use of a special parking card. The building where Sakura shiatsu is located is weelchair accessible. There is also an elevator in the building.


of the treatments

First session 90 minutes EUR 70
Shiatsu * 30 minutes EUR 30
60 minutes EUR 50
90 minutes EUR 70
Massage therapy* 30 minutes EUR 30
60 minutes EUR 50
90 minutes EUR 70
Classical massage 30 minutes EUR 30
60 minutes EUR 50
90 minutes EUR 70
Chair massage 30 minutes EUR 30
60 minutes EUR 50
Footreflexology therapy* 30 minutes EUR 30
On-site massage ask for a quote

* Your health insurance company may cover these treatments, but only if you have an additional health care insurance. To avoid disappointment, please check your health insurance policy or contact your health insurance company before you make an appointment.


background information

The name ‘sakura’ is Japanese and means ‘cherry blossom’. For the Japanese people sakura has a deep spiritual meaning. Each year with the arrival of sakura the rebirth and the beauty of life is being celebrated abundantly. Sakura is the symbol of a new beginning, a rebirth. Sakura is showing us how beautiful and special, but also vurnerable life is. It does not last long, but it is beautiful and inspiring.

Sakura shiatsu originates from a lifelong fascination for the Far East en from a passion for a healthy lifestyle. This includes massages, relaxation techniques, healthy food and physical exercise.

This passion led me to a multi-year training in shiatsu and other massage techniques at the Dutch Bodywork Academy. In addition to this I took a course in Basic Medical Knowledge in order to make many of my treatments being covered by health insurance companies. Of course I take in-service training and other courses on a regular basis to stay up to date en learn new things.

Sakura shiatsu is a member of the Dutch Association of Soma Therapists (NVST). This association is a guarantee for quality. The association also has a procedure for handling complaints.

You are most welcome at Sakura shiatsu!

Corrie Visser


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Making an appointment

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please use WhatsApp or e-mail.


Sakura Shiatsu
Molenstraat 36 m
8913 BC Leeuwarden

Other information

Chamber of Commerce number: 71505504
AGB code company: 90064837
AGB code therapist: 90105545