Massage therapy

Sometimes we feel agitated and under a lot of pressure. If this happens frequently the tension can become stored in certain parts of our body, such as neck and shoulders. Long term stress, obstructing thoughts and emotions we have not dealt with yet can cause psysical problems. Massage therapy can break this negative circle. As a result of this therapy the body can finally relax and blockades will disappear. Massage therapy first handles the specific problems and then focusses on relaxation massage. This therapy stimulates the natural self healing power of the body. As a result the balance between body and mind is being restored.

The massage is very suitable for neck and shoulder problems, lower back problems, digestive problems, menstrual problems and pain in general. The treatment stimulates the blood flow and eliminates toxins from the body much faster. Massage therapy reduces pain en removes blockades. The main focus of the therapy is total relaxation of body and mind.

The treatment is performed on a massage table and with use of natural, scented oils.