On-site massage

Chair massage can also be given in a corporate setting: a short, relaxing but also activating treatment in the workplace.

Many employees are constantly under a lot of pressure, spend large amounts of time in front of computer screens or their work involves performing repetitive physical tasks. Long term stress or bad posture can cause physical problems such as neck and shoulder problems, back problems and problems with wrists and arms. A 20 minute chair massage at the workplace is treating especially these problems and is restoring the balance in the body.

Employers and employees benefit both from a regular chair massage at the workplace. For employers it is very important to invest in their employees’ health and wellbeing. A professional chair massage at the workplace:

  • Reduces the job-related stress
  • Improves employees’ productivity
  • Reduces the risks of employees’ absence through illness.

Employees will feel more fit and energetic and more aware of their own body and health. Regular chair massages will make them feel more valued and rewarded.

Chair massage can also be given on special occasions such as team incentives, health events or other special events. For employers it is a good way to show they value their staff.

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